Derailment Investigation

Gary Wolf and his team have been lead investigators on more than 4,000 derailments across the globe.  These derailments include heavy haul, passenger, light rail, narrow gauge, and even a couple underground coal mines.  Gary and his team apply a multitude of simulation and testing tools to get to the root cause and recommend corrective actions.  The WRC team is available to quickly work with GO-Team members to secure key evidence and measurements at the site so that clearing operations can begin.  WRC is equipped with most of the gauges and measurement equipment necessary to make a thorough inspection of track and equipment.  If required, WRC can then employ a number of computer simulation models to determine the causative issues.

Derailment investigation can include:
• On-Site GO-Team investigation
• Field measurements of track and equipment
• Download and analysis of event recorders
• Metallurgical analysis, if required 
• Evaluation of industry and federal regulations
• Field testing and validation
• Computer simulation and modeling
     – In-train forces
     – Individual vehicle dynamics, including prediction of wheelset           lateral and vertical forces, including L/V ratio prediction

WRC is experienced in all types of derailments:
• Track initiated
• Equipment initiated
• Human factor causes
• Miscellaneous causes